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Checkmate Digital A1500 1988/9

Checkmate Digital A1500 1988/9 
Extract from upcoming article about my Amiga career in David Pleasances new book.  
The A500 gave its life in the cause of my first real product, The Checkmate Digital A1500. The same developer who sold me the A1000 introduced me to a guy called James Campbell, as they were working on a 16bit sampler for the high end Amiga market, and James needed a partner to help launch it. Coincidentally around this time the doctor told me I needed knee surgery and would be off for 6 months from the roofing job, so in that way fate decided that I should drop the roofing game and move into computers. At last. Computing was my first love since school so I didn’t need too much persuading.
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James had an office in Stoke Newington and although sadly the 16 bit sampler did not make it to market, another product was being developed which became the Checkmate Digital A1500 for the Amiga 500 computer. Although I did not design the case, I talked James into creating a Zorro 2 and Video slot because the original designer had just made an adaptor for the A590, (see the image), which prevented accelerators being fitted. So we added a left mounted Zorro 2 slot for the A2000 GVP HC8+ RAM/SCSI card which we would cut in half and fit internally. Scary eh?
Added to this was a video slot on the right that connected to the Denise chip so you could fit a flicker fixer. We also had the Mega Midget Racer 030 cards fitted so what you had was an incredibly powerful upgrade for the humble Amiga 500. In the end the system had a 40mhz 030/8882 Amiga 500 with 16Mb RAM, a 512mb SCSI drive, a flicker fixer and two floppy drives. In addition we made a boosted power supply based on a PC power supply unit, so as you can see this was the Amiga to die for until the A3000 came along.

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