Checkmate A1500 plus for the Amiga and Retro computer fan

A500 Zorro adaptor board for Checkmate 1500 plus

 This is the first prototype of the Checkmate A1500 plus adaptor board for the Amiga 500 range. As some of you may be aware the original Checkmate A1500 could fit the A500 and had an 86 pin adaptor and a seperate Zorro 2 100 pin socket. With the plus we have both sockets and in some cases they will run together.

Developed by Rob Cranly and working, all that is needed is the prototype case coming soon to test positioning.

I see this as allowing for example an ACA500plus to be fit, with an A1200 accelerator and maybe a network card or graphics card.

Importantly, this has an ATX power socket so you can have an internal SFX psu powering the whole system.


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